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Cost: $1600

Whiteboards will be used for summer music camps & loaned to the Holy Spirit Centre after-school homework program for use throughout the school year.


Cost per student: $50 provides a daily lunch & snacks, workbooks, lesson books, prizes, transportation aid and writing supplies.

2023 Summer Music/Arts Camp

Every Equip to Serve camp has its special moments, this year was no exception. Five days of classes: vocal, beginner and advanced keyboard, acoustic and bass guitar, drums/percussion and, for the first time, a robotics class. The number of participants was 58, over 10% more than 2022. It was held at the Holy Spirit Center at Maggotty, the fourth year Equip to Serve has been hosted by Father Mark high in the hills of St. Elizabeth.


The vocal class was, as usual, one of the largest groups led by Jeanette MacDonald. The keyboard class was divided into two this year: beginner and advanced skills. Ginny Good, new to Equip to Serve this year, led the beginners with Monica Thorpe leading the latter class. The drums & percussion class was one of the best attended and led by Tom Larson, a new volunteer this year from Nashville! The acoustic guitar class was led by Eileen Buren, back from last year. Luke Green led  the electric bass class. Luke was a previous year's attendee of Equip to Serve classes. It's great to see a graduate moving on to this role!    

2022 Summer Creative Arts Day Camp

Equip to Serve volunteers returned from an energizing and successful five day camp at the Holy Spirit Center in Maggotty, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Participants of all ages attended to learn their choice of keyboard, acoustic and bass guitar, vocals/choral and remedial reading/writing.


On the last day of camp, a concert was held for all of the music camp participants to show their talent and progress. Many students expressed how valuable the camp was in introducing them to music instruments and music theory.  As well, they loved interacting with team members at lunch and snack times!

The Equip to Serve team enjoyed and valued working closely and spending time with Father Mark Bzinkowski and Marta Socha at Holy Spirit Center - see you again next year Father Mark and Marta!

2020 & 2021

The COVID pandemic resulted in the cancellation of all teaching trips, but we were able to send down five shipments of music instruments, music curriculum, art supplies, classroom teaching aids, as well as used clothing and shoes to provide aid/relief of hardships & poverty due to Covid.

2021 Video Report

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